Traveling Vegan – 5 Days of Meals for Two (w/Printable Shopping List)

DOWNLOAD PDF HERE (Includes Shopping List + Short Recipes)

Long time no post, y’all!

The last week of May, my partner Matt and I took a (much needed) vacation to beautiful Red River Gorge in KY. We loooove hiking + camping trips, but since we’re out of practice (and it was a VACATION, after all), we decided to book a cabin to serve as RnR Home Base, rather than primitive camping in a tent.

(Shoutout BTW to Red River Outdoors ; we’ve stayed there before, super affordable + lovely small A-frame cabins, very close to the hiking trails, great people. A++++ recommended!)

Since we were gonna be there for almost a week (Monday afternoon thru Saturday morning), we wanted to be 100% prepared + packed on the food front; NO extra grocery trips once we get there. And I can’t do an entire week of JUST trail mix, protein bars, raw fruit + veggies, and chips. I NEED to cook! But it’s vacation, so easy and fast recipes are best.

I spent a little time the week before vacation figuring out some recipes that would be hearty and filling, varied, but relatively cheap to make, for 5 Breakfasts + 5 Dinners for the two of us. It went so well, I wanted to share the list I made for anyone else who may find themselves in a similar position, whether you’re ‘glamping’ like us, or even just traveling for a week in a hotel with a kitchenette. Check the link at the beginning or end of this post to download a printable PDF with everything you need!


-Blueberry Almond Oatmeal

-Apple Raisin Oatmeal

-Southern Biscuits and Gravy (2 days worth)

-Skillet Cooked Cinnamon Rolls

Traveling Vegan Meals: Oatmeal Premixed Traveling Vegan: Blueberry Almond Oatmeal Traveling Vegan: Biscuits and Gravy Ingredients Traveling Vegan: Biscuit Dough Traveling Vegan: Biscuits and Gravy 1 Traveling Vegan: Biscuits and Gravy 2 Traveling Vegan: Cinnamon Rolls


-Lo Mein Soba Noodles

-Hot Dogs with Sautéed/Packet Veggies (2 days)

-Black Bean + TVP Burritos

-Spaghetti with Eggplant Marinara Sauce

Traveling Vegan: Lo Mein Soba Noodles Traveling Vegan: Hot Dogs with Sautéed/Packet Veggies Traveling Vegan: Black Bean + TVP Burritos Traveling Vegan: Spaghetti with Eggplant Marinara Sauce


-Italian Pasta Salad

-PBJ Sandwiches


DOWNLOAD PDF HERE (Includes Shopping List + Short Recipes)

Includes Shopping List, and Quick Recipes

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