The Nooch Nosh mission boils down to this:

  • Be fuckin’ kind. Ⓥ

All recipes posted will always be 100% free of animal products. Far better writers have explained why plant based and vegan diets are #goals (one day I’ll write a post collecting my faves together), but it sums up to: all living things want to keep on living; plant based + whole foods diets are good for ya body and overall health; and large-scale animal agriculture has terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad impacts on the world around us.

  • Schedule kitchen therapy.

Cooking is a creative hobby, just like gardening or painting. Personally, nothing de-stresses me as well as going to my kitchen, putting on some music, and getting lost in peeling, dicing, sautéing, and mixing my way to a zen state. Unlike gardening or painting, cooking is something all of us HAVE to do at some point, and most of us, every day. Learning to love cooking as a form of self-care and mindful therapy will benefit you for the rest of your life!

(Other people think so too! Read more about cooking therapy HERE and HERE )

  • Love your nosh.

Be joyful in eating! Buy an unfamiliar piece of produce from the store and YouTube how to prepare it. Add some chocolate chips to your waffle because it sounds good. Host a Build-Your-Own Taco Night for your co-workers.

Most importantly, eat what nourishes your body and mind. Sometimes that’s a super, mega triple green smoothie, but a lot of the time sometimes that means a second serving of lasagna and garlic bread. Clean is a word for dishes, not diets. Kale and chocolate cake can both be comfort foods.

What the heck does ‘Nooch Nosh’ mean?

‘Nooch’ is a nickname for Nutritional Yeast, which has got to be one of the most cringe-inducing names for a food product EVER (tied for plant based first place with TVP/Textured Vegetable Protein. Yikes). In fact, nooch not only suffers from a terrible name, but also has the appearance of golden-colored fish food flakes.

But taste wise? Nooch is a miracle ingredient. It has a mild nutty and cheesy flavor to it, which has kept it a beloved vegan and vegetarian food for years (it’s other nickname is ‘hippie dust’ for a reason). It’s also often fortified with Vitamin B12, the only vitamin that you can’t get naturally from a vegan diet, since it comes from animal gut bacteria. Err…poop. It’s in poop.

Sprinkle nooch on popcorn for delicious, cheesy popcorn. Add it to a tofu scramble for a little bit of eggy flavor. My favorite? Added into a mix of roux (butter + flour), milk, and seasoning and you’ve got some damn good cheese sauce for mac and cheese.

And ‘Nosh’? Tasty, tasty food. Or the act of eating ‘enthusiastically’. i.e. inhaling, scarfing, smashing

Who the heck are you?

Hi! I’m Ally. All the food pics and bad jokes? That’s me.

I’ve been vegan since 2013, but eating food has been a passion for most of my life. I’ve been inspired by so many other blogs since then, I’m excited for this platform to expand the community and conversation around alllll kinds of plant based and vegan topics.

I live in Ohio with my partner Matt, three cats and one ball python. When I’m not cooking/grocery shopping/reading recipes/generally hanging out in my kitchen, I LOVE listening to podcasts (although tbh, 80% of my listen time is in the kitchen), watching British murder mysteries, taking Too Many Cat Photos, reading the plaques in museums, and camping.

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